The Filk Music Club of New England

MASSFILC songbooks

MASSFILC publishes songbooks and sells T-shirts, and sales help to finance our conventions. See ordering information for purchasing any of these books directly, or order them from your favorite filk dealer.

Northeast Passages cover Northeast Passages showcases the best in current filk circa 2006 around New England and the Northeast. It brings together songs of many different writers. Printed music and chords are included for many of the songs.
Pegasus cover The Pegasus Award Winners, Volume I (and so far the only volume) is a collection of award-winning filksongs. The Pegasus Awards are awarded annually at the Ohio Valley Filk Fest (OVFF) to recognize the best filk songs and performers as selected by the members of the filk community. This book was created for the 10th anniverary OVFF in 1994.
Sept 11 cover September 11, 2001 is a memorial songbook of filkers' responses to the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. All proceeds which we receive for this book go to charities related to 9/11 survivors.
Prim Beams cover Primary Beams is a collection of songs, commissioned by MCFI for its successful Boston in 2004 Worldcon bid. The songs are mostly about Massachusetts and Doc Smith's Lensmen.