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Since the NESFA Hymnals, it's been years since there's been a general-purpose songbook showcasing the best in current filk around New England and the Northeast. Northeast Passages continues the tradition of those songbooks, bringing together some of the best songs of many different writers. Printed music and chords are included for many of the songs.

The songbook includes the following songs:
  • Northeast Passage (Mark A. Mandel)
  • Come with Me (Palman Lapgan)
  • Careless Steps: The Song of Murphy's Law (Kate Gladstone)
  • Dead Mars Rover (Robert Rosenfeld)
  • Colors of the Laser (Robin Holly)
  • Outward Bound (P. J. Lis'ner)
  • Wings So Bright (Robert Rosenfeld)*
  • The Sternwheel Trolley Car (Jack Carroll)*
  • The Imperial Polka (Gary McGath)*
  • Babylon Is Fallen (Edward L. Stauff)
  • Danny Boy (Kathy Sands)
  • Circumstantial Evidence? (Ellen Kranzer, Joe Kesselman, Mary Anne McDonald)*
  • Jack and Jill: A Fannish Romance (Lara Ortiz de Montellano)*
  • The Rambling Reader (Jonathan Turner and Robin Holly)
  • Isaac, Arthur, Robert, and Ray (Paul Estin)*
  • Lament for the Nazgul King (Lee Gold, Michael Rubin)*
  • Beware Her Children (Robert Rosenfeld)*
  • Thornberry Wine (Virginia Taylor)*
  • Close Your Eyes (Daniel Glasser)*
  • She Is Always There: A Pagan Lullabye (Edward L. Stauff)*
  • Take It One Step and One Day at a Time (Francis C. Parker, Jr.)*
  • Touch the Sky (Gary McGath)*
  • Wings (Virginia Taylor)*
  • Windwalker (David Weingart)*
  • Golda's Soliloquy (Joe Kesselman)
  • Beyond the Far Horizon (Benjamin Newman)*
  • The Mattie Goes Roving (Jack Carroll)*
  • Eternal Dutchman (Gary McGath)*
  • Acts of Desperation (Jack Carroll)
  • Fangs (Mary Malachi)
  • Everyone Knows It's Cthulhu (Kate Gladstone)
  • Stole of the Seal (Joe Kesselman)
  • Mother of Catan (Patricia Parcells)
  • My Grandfather's Hat (Mark A. Mandel)
  • Happy Song Virus (Paul Estin)*
  • One More Song (Edward L. Stauff)*
  • Second-Hand Songs (Jonathan Turner)*

* printed music included

Northeast Passages can be ordered from filk dealers or directly from M.A.S.S. F.I.L.C.

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