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Primary Beams

Primary Beams

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Primary Beams is a songbook produced by MASSFILC for MCFI's successful 2004 Worldcon bid, Noreascon 4. MCFI generously provided the production costs and allowed MASSFILC to keep the proceeds. It features songs of space opera and of the Boston area. There are only a few copies left, and the book won't be reprinted.

The songbook can be ordered directly from us or from many filk dealers. Dealer inquiries welcome.

The songbook includes the following songs:
  • Our Patrol (Terence Chua)
  • Kinnison's Band (Poul Anderson)
  • E. E. (Duane Elms)
  • I Don't Understand the Arisians (Bruce Pelz)
  • Old Time Space Opera (several authors)
  • Speaker for Boskone (Gary McGath)
  • And the Heroes (Mike Richards)
  • Rocket Ride (Tom Smith)
  • Lensman Academy Fight Song (Mark M. Keller)
  • Your Planets and Your Suns (Michael McAfee)
  • The Massachusetts Tangle (Gary McGath)
  • Road to Boston (Gary Ehrlich)
  • Your Seasons, New England (Mark Mandel)*
  • Here Comes Worldcon V.04 (P. J. Lis'ner)
  • Boskone Recruiting Song (Gary McGath)
  • The Great Molasses Flood (Lee Gold)

* printed music included