The Filk Music Club of New England

Lois Mangan, 1946-2008

Picture of Lois from The Filkado 2004
  • Ran filk for Boskone in late 1980's
  • Regular participant in Boskone and Arisia filk programming, often leading group singing
  • Member of the filk group Critical Mass, about 1990-1993
  • President of MASSFILC, September 1998-September 2001
  • Chair, ConCertino 2003
  • Hotel Liaison, ConCertino 1992, 1995, 1999, 2003
  • Played Tomokatisha in The Filkado at Noreascon 4 (2004) and Arisia 2005
  • Filk Hall of Fame, 2006
  • Ghost of Honor for ConCertino 2009

Going by memorabilia which Paul has, Lois probably ran filk at Boskone and was a convention committee member from 1985 or 1986 through 1990.

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Lois wrote a number of rounds, which are posted here by Paul's permission. The tunes can be found in Sol Weber's collections of rounds.

Come Filking, Filking (tune: "Come Follow, Follow")

Come! Filking, filking, filking, filking, filking, filking here.
Where can we do filking, filking here? Where can we do filking, filking here?
Through the side door, down the hallway, in the back room, filking here!

Filker's Lament (tune: "White Sand and Gray Sand")

Old filks and new filks.
Who'll hear my old filks?
Who'll hear my new filk?

Filks and Puns (tune: "Chairs to Mend")

Filks to sing, old filks to sing.
Puns to make, new puns to make.
Any old filks? Any new puns?

Liam (tune: "Little Tommy Tinker")

Michael and Rennie have a new baby.
He'll be at Boskone.
Liam! Liam!
Filking's newest fan.

Meet at Babylon 5 (tune: "Hey! Ho! Nobody Home")

Meet at Babylon 5.
Shadows, Vorlons, universal war!
Battles raging. Peace is gone.

Sing Some Filks (tune: "Make New Friends")

Sing some filks, and then sing more.
Some are funny and the others ose.

Tom Smith (tune: "Oh, How Lovely Is the Evening")

Oh, how funny is our filker guest, in the evening,
Not to mention all the night long, singing all night.
Tom Smith. Tom. Tom Smith. Tom.

Photograph by Steven Winikoff.